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    Introducing the Space Tag
    For We offer a revolutionary device which keeps track of space availability and alerts users who are searching for open parking spaces.

    Customers will receive these updates through the Creative Parking Solutions app (The Creative App) which is now available for Android and IOS

    Creative Parking Solutions LLC has discovered efficient ways to fill empty parking spots.
    Our solution provides a parking management system that displays LIVE parking space availability, occupancy, statistics and much more!.
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The World’s Best Garage Car Parking

Creative Parking Solutions LLC is a green company that has arrived with an unprecedented solution to radically change the way we park. Our unique product, the Space Tag ™ , is placed inside of every parking space, to allow status updates of parking space activity.   
We offer parking guidance services that help optimize parking garages and assist garage owners, staff and their customers through our system. 
Our services include real-time updates on status of parking garages, parking space availability, occupancy and generating statistics for garage management to make better informed business decisions.